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DPC For Employers

Consider if it's right for your business


Direct Primary Care is a growing type of medical practice that eliminates third parties like insurance companies and Medicare, in order to provide affordable, convenient, high quality medical care directly to patients.By contracting directly with patients, DPC doctors can focus completely on your health.  No gimmicks.  Just high quality, evidence-based medicine provided by your own personal physician at an affordable monthly price.  One low monthly fee includes virtually unlimited access to your physician, including telephone and video conferencing when medically appropriate.When an employer couples DPC with insurance for employees, it allows the employees to have easy access to me as their physician, focusing on preventive care to lower sick days and the cost burden of managing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.These days, it’s important as an employer to offer a healthcare package in order to attract the best employees. This can be achieved by offering them an accessible, affordable, and quality primary care through Gentile Family DPC.


No.  I still recommend that all patients obtain a high-deductible “catastrophic” health insurance policy for emergencies like hospitalizations.  I am happy to help you navigate insurance options that save you money with lower monthly premiums to couple with DPC.


My office is located in the beautiful Nuin Center on Bryant Street in Highland Park. There is plenty of free parking both in the parking lot and on the street. It is wheelchair accessible and you can easily get to there via bus.


I am available Monday through Friday with flexible appointments daily.  Appointments can be arranged during the evening and on weekends with advanced notice.
We're so glad we found out about Dr. Gentile, she's great, and the direct practice model is great too!  We offer memberships to Dr. Gentile's practice to our employees as a partially-paid employee benefit, and they love it!  We use it as a supplement to traditional insurance, and are able to make it even more affordable by withholding the employee contribution from their pay pre-tax.

— Al Polanec
     Blue Archer, Inc.