Benefits of Membership

As a Direct Primary Care practice, we only accept a few hundred patients at a time. Traditional family practice docs routinely see over 2000 patients! We have fewer patients so we can provide top-of-the-line care to each and every patient. Here are some of the things you'll have access to as a member.

Comprehensive care

We offer high-quality care to kids, adults, and geriatric patients. This includes, but is not limited to, chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), women's health, mental health, urgent care, sports medicine, weight management, lifestyle counseling, sports physicals, and annual physicals.

Office visits when you want them. With no co-pay.

Need a visit? We can usually get you a same-day or next-day appointment, all included in your membership.

Extended time, continuity of care, and comprehensive evaluations with YOUR doctor

Appointments are typically 30 minutes, but can go as long as 90. Whatever it takes to get you taken care of. And you aren't charged a co-pay for each time you need a return visit. Good healthcare takes time and continuity.

Minor labs and procedures

For example, minor suturing, cryotherapy, and skin biopsy are all included in your membership fee. If there is an extra charge for a service, you will know exactly what it is before proceeding. There are special labs and procedures that may require an additional fee. Our members receive a discounted price for these special labs and procedures.

Coordination with specialists

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, we will work closely with that specialist.

Greatly discounted medications

We dispense many medications in-house, so we're offering medications to you at wholesale prices. For nearly all medications, the price we offer is cheaper than your co-pay at a pharmacy. If you take medications for chronic conditions, the savings on medication might be greater than your entire membership fee.

Greatly discounted labwork and radiology

We've negotiated deals with national labs and local imaging centers to get your tests done on the cheap.

Intensive lifestyle counseling

It's no secret that our health habits play a huge role in the development of chronic disease.

Did you ever wish your doctor had time to give you more lifestyle advice than "eat healthier and exercise"? We do have the time, and above that we have the expertise. You will be able to have as many appointments for as long as you need with your doctor to address how your lifestyle plays into your health, and how you can get it back on track with specific lifestyle prescriptions.

If you aren't a member, we offer these services for a low consultation fee.


Direct primary care is an excellent perk for small business employers to offer to their employees. Please contact us to discuss this further and see if we would be a good fit!

College Plan

We offer a healthcare option for college students during the academic year.

This program may be a particularly good fit if:

 your student has special health care needs

 you have a high deductible insurance plan

 you have an out- of -state HMO

 you are a member of a health sharing ministry

 you want assurance that your student will have care when he/she needs it

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